The Biggest Benefit of Getting Lean (That Hardly Anyone Seems to Talk About)

There are a lot of purported benefits of getting lean, some shallower than others. And while the overall benefit of getting lean is inarguably significant, I’d say a majority of these individual beliefs and hopes are only partially true or not true at all.

Will getting lean increase tangible health markers and reduce the chance of disease?

Yes, that has been extensively proven, and probably over 90% of the overall health and fitness battle. But only to a certain point – the diminishing returns of fat loss will eventually zero out and health can actually decline again as you get really lean.

Will getting lean garner the attention and popularity you’ve always wanted?

No – when people get lean, or really lean, one of the first things they usually notice is that no one really gives a shit. And the ones that do are usually disdainful, jealous, or judgmental.

Will getting lean make you feel noticeably better?

If you started significantly overweight then probably yes. If you’ve gone from a little soft to athletic then probably not. If you’ve gone from athletic to shredded you will almost certainly feel worse.

Will getting lean make you perform noticeably better?

Maybe if you’re deep into a given sport, but otherwise not really. The minutia of life won’t be different.

Will getting lean help you get laid a lot?

Well, speaking as a guy at least, no, not really. If you manage to look decent in fitted clothing you might get your foot in the door a little more often but that’s about it. But if a bad personality resides within that Adonis body, that’s hopeless no matter what.

Will getting lean solve your problems?

Probably not, and you might wind up with even more new ones.

Will getting lean make people subconsciously treat you better?

Yes, which is unfortunate.

Will getting lean make you happy?

Definitely not. My personal issues and clinical depression remained just as robust when I had a six pack.

Are you noticing something though? People think about getting lean a lot, and it’s almost always from a negative perspective of wanting something in life that you’ve decided to feel bad about not having. It’s a huge time and energy sink. Which leads us to the major benefit that getting lean does offer. You ready?

Getting lean, and subsequently figuring out how to stay lean, is a huge relief

No more feeling discontent with your body. No more stressing over every little thing you eat. No more feeling like you’re not in control. No more perpetual trepidation. No more pouring over the internet with increasing desperation to find the golden goose egg. No more ruminating on this health and fitness stuff every goddamn second.

You can dump all that baggage that Health and Fitness ™ for some reason decided to load you up with and get the hell on with your actual life. That’s what I ultimately want for people who come here to realize and do. And if they then leave and completely forget about me that’s great. Because I don’t like seeing repeat customers and I don’t like overthinking this shit any more than you do.

So that’s it. Relief – the number one benefit that, in my opinion, by itself makes it all worth it.