For those who want to see some street cred. A lot of these are sourced from emails, comments, or old book reviews that I’ve stupidly lost. There’s still hope I might find them, but for now you’ll just have to take my word on those.

Also, a huge and sincere thank you to those who have given me, publicly or privately, a positive testimonial over the years. That’s what makes all this worth it. I’ll even give thanks to that one person who one-starred my old book on Amazon, because anything that’s liked by everyone is either suspicious or underwhelming.

If any of my work has helped you and you’d like to offer a testimonial, I’d really appreciate it. It means a lot to me. You can email me at pete (at) eafpfitness (dot) com.

With the amount of saturation in the fitness industry today, there’s no shortage of opinions on what workouts and what diets will get you ripped as fast as possible. It hardly seems like anyone is honest about what they do anymore, which is why [straightforwardfatloss.com] has been such a breath of fresh air.

I stumbled upon the blog looking for a general opinion on fat burners and their effectiveness, and spent the better part of that morning reading through a lot more articles on the website. What I appreciated most was the honesty and scientific proof behind what Pete was claiming. I had never signed up for any sort of professional help or personal training because I thought it would be a waste of time and money, but Pete’s general philosophy towards fat loss made me think it was worth a try.

I had trouble losing weight in the past not due to a lack of effort, but a lack of guidance. There are so many online coaches who will tell you that you ought to try their way, when really, what this program teaches is you have to lose fat your way. I’ve established a system that fits my preferences, my schedule, and most importantly, my lifestyle. I now feel comfortable with the plan I have, and fully expect progress to continue over the coming months. For the first time in a while, it seems like I’m actually getting somewhere rather than going around in circles.

[After] 13 weeks … I’ve lost 10 lbs, maintained a majority of my strength, and feel a whole lot better about how to progress moving forward. I also firmly believe you will get out of this program what you put into it. There is no cookie cutter meal plan, no nonsensical diet restrictions, and no extra fitness industry fluff – it’s simple, effective, and straightforward.

– ZB, 1-on-1 coaching client

…it is satisfying to see progress … and your [system] is on point … Since I started keeping track of my weight and what I ate starting [about six weeks ago], I’ve lost 5-6 pounds.

Matthew C

Using [Pete’s] techniques, I dropped 15 pounds and have managed to keep it off without much effort.

– Anon E Moss, old blog comment

This is the 4th time I’m trying to reach my weight goal as a young adult. And for the first time, exactly today as I write this testimony, I have hit the halfway point: 25 kg [55lbs] lost after 8 months. What am I doing right this time? I’m keeping it simple and straightforward, just like Pete …

– Filipe, old email

Hands-down the best [program] I have ever or will ever read. No BS, no fluff, no sales-pitch – just immediately actionable advice from someone who’s actually lived it. I couldn’t recommend it more.

– Justin, old book review

This is a great [program] for outlining simple, sustainable ways to lose weight and how to implement them in a manner which you can stick to … a clear guide to learning to lose weight in a way that won’t tax your sanity…

-TBW, old book review

I’ve been following Primal/Slow Carb for years in addition to maintaining a rigorous workout schedule every week. It has been super frustrating to be doing everything “right” but (as [Pete] sympathizes) to see my fat loss ideal always just out of reach. It’s especially torturous when you are lean but can’t seem to break past the plateau despite following the advice of several fitness gurus. Within a week of experimenting with the techniques outlined in [the book] I began seeing reliable yet dramatic results. It’s as simple as it gets so it feels relieving to finally find a solution that works. I only wish I had found it sooner!

-Typetalk, old book review

Pete … provides a very effective, science based approach to losing fat … I’ve read dozens of books on nutrition and fitness; Pete’s book is unique in providing a very practical path that can be used to reduce bodyfat without making yourself crazy … Kudos to [Pete] for [an] excellent book that presents a very realistic formula for getting lean. Highly recommended.

-Bytebreaker, old book review

[Pete] does a great job breaking [fat loss] down to a simple to follow strategy to get lean and stay sane.

– Sarah Gilbert, old book review

This is a great [program] for outlining simple, sustainable ways to lose weight and how to implement them in a manner which you can stick to…a clear guide to learning to lose weight in a way that won’t tax your sanity.

-Katherine Barton, old book review

Really enjoyed [Pete’s] no nonsense book … Love [his] attitude of using the easiest way possible, it’s so refreshing. Taking away the depressing stress of needing to have a complete lifestyle change is so liberating as is equally the joy of being able to eat only foods I love. I found [his] approach at the end part of my weight loss and wish I had found it sooner.

– Marion, old email