The Problem With “Intuitive” Eating

Intuitive eating is the idea that we can “naturally” eat the “right” kinds and amounts of food to lose weight and maintain leanness, and it’s insidiously enticing because it implies that it’s possible to lose weight without actually needing to exert conscious effort. Think about how often the word “effortless” is used in fad diet … Read more

Do Calories Ultimately Matter For Weight Loss?

This has without a doubt been the most hotly debated question in the world of nutrition for at least the last two decades, and many billions of dollars have been made by capitalizing on the ongoing controversy. And it’s interesting, because this question is also one of the few in the field, which is quite … Read more

To The Women Afraid Of Looking “Too Bulky”

If someone was only willing to do one type of exercise and asked me what my recommendation would be, my answer would be resistance training, no question. It has the highest ROI by far: it builds strength, which is vital; it builds lean tissue, which is also vital; it significantly reduces the chance of acute … Read more

So Pete, Why The F Word?

Foul language elicits mixed reactions. Some see authenticity and love it. Others cringe at someone trying too hard to look edgy. I was somewhat inclined to leave the F word out of my site’s title, because maybe it’s just easier to avoid the polarization. But I couldn’t do it. It had to be there, because … Read more