On Health and Fitness Being a “Lifestyle”

Where did the phrase “health and fitness lifestyle” even come from? It’s silly and ridiculous.

The definition of lifestyle, per Merriam-Webster:

lifestyle: the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.

I think it’s fair to infer from that definition that a lifestyle is constituted by the bulk of what you spend your time and energy on. Health and fitness doesn’t need to take anywhere near a significant amount of one’s time and effort. It’s entirely possible to be lean, muscular, and cardiovascularly fit with less than a half hour of effort per day. That’s not a “lifestyle,” it’s an errand. If I do the dishes I don’t need to adopt a “kitchen cleaning” lifestyle. If I eat ice cream I am not cheating because I’m not legally married to broccoli.

If I hear someone say they live the “health and fitness lifestyle” I feel like they’re going to be hubristic and boring. Maybe try learning to paint or play the trombone.

I suppose one could say I’m nitpicking arbitrary semantics, but don’t we all see the people who seem to make an entire identity out of platitudes and instagram selfies and think they need to get over themselves? It’s all just straight up toxic. It makes health and fitness seem like some monumental achievement reserved for an ostensible elite while leaving the everyperson feeling resigned to corpulence.