No, You Don’t Have to “Enjoy the Process”

Learning to “enjoy the process” is a popular platitude in Health and Fitness ™, but it’s a real eye-roller that’s straight up wrong and potentially counterproductive.

Going on a diet, doing cardio, lifting weights… all such things (if done correctly) will work regardless of how you feel. That’s the great thing about scientific proof – you don’t have to believe in it for it to be true.

It’s OK to admit that you might not particularly like doing something but do it anyway because the results are worthwhile. It’s psychologically healthy actually.

You don’t need to enjoy the process – you merely have to tolerate it.

In fact, being honest about how you truly feel about said process will help you honestly think about how you’ll make it work, and sustain it. Trying to pretend or force yourself to enjoy a process is a telltale sign it won’t last because doing that is miserable.

which of the following sounds better? more realistic?

  1. Figuring out, someway, how to conjure enjoyment so that you’re motivated enough, somehow, to do a complex and involved process of achieving health and fitness.
  2. Or…

  3. Simply admitting you don’t like the health and fitness process, and figuring out how to make it as simple, easy, and painless as possible.

Another thing to consider: if your actions are restricted by an imposed prerequisite of enjoyment, you are going to significantly limit your potential. Sometimes a worthwhile result requires a conducing action that we just don’t like doing, no matter how we mentally spin it.

Don’t chastise yourself into liking everything you do. Give yourself a break – allow yourself to not like something you need to do and just do it then get the hell on with your day.

If you can figure out how to enjoy the process, sure, you might as well, absolutely, and that’s great if you do…

…but you don’t have to. So don’t stress about it. That’s all I’m really trying to say here.

Results are not reserved for those who have (or delusionally fake) enjoyment. Results are available to anyone who can simply tolerate putting in the effort required to get them.