Clean Eating and Natural Foods Are Meaningless and Potentially Harmful Concepts

Eat “clean.” Eat “natural” and “whole” foods. It’s a pervasive idea in Health and Fitness ™ that many regard as intuitive common sense. But if you ask someone what it means exactly, they’ll give a nebulous answer that’s different from everyone else’s – no dairy, paleo, vegan, ethical, nothing in bags or containers, organic, non … Read more

No, You Don’t Have to “Enjoy the Process”

Learning to “enjoy the process” is a popular platitude in Health and Fitness ™, but it’s a real eye-roller that’s straight up wrong and potentially counterproductive. Going on a diet, doing cardio, lifting weights… all such things (if done correctly) will work regardless of how you feel. That’s the great thing about scientific proof – … Read more

On Health and Fitness Being a “Lifestyle”

Where did the phrase “health and fitness lifestyle” even come from? It’s silly and ridiculous. The definition of lifestyle, per Merriam-Webster: lifestyle: the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture. I think it’s fair to infer from that definition that a lifestyle is constituted by the bulk of what you spend your … Read more