Food Guilt, And The Moralization of Eating

Ascribing morality to food is an interesting modern phenomenon. Not only does doing so predispose people to “reprimand” themselves – or others perhaps – for “immoral” food choices, it also predisposes people to psychological complexes. We’ve all encountered a self loathing junk food indulger or a holier than thou fad dieter at least once in … Read more

A Guide to Minimalist Strength Training

Many people seem to be under the impression that in order to build an appreciably strong and muscled physique, one needs to gruelingly train at the gym for hours, every day. That isn’t actually true at all – it is entirely possible to get very strong and visibly muscular with simple programming that can honestly … Read more

High Protein Intake is Overrated

Opinion has gone every which way on both carbohydrates and fats over the years, but protein has seemingly always been revered and is hardly ever scrutinized.┬áNew weight room trainees inevitably hear the one-gram-per-pound mantra, then many follow it with religious devotion – even if it means choking down plain tuna and chugging scoop after scoop … Read more